Buy, be cool and rich.


MILLIONSY is the first Lottery platform and Game Launchpad on Solana. In the near future, crosschain is the main key that will be applied to MILLIONSY, It means you can buy tickets and join launching platform from any different blockchains. MILLIONSY ecosystem offers you many ways to “Buy, be cool and rich”.
MILLIONSY has 3 main products: Lottery platform, MILLIGO and NFTs ticket.

A party for everyone in any blockchain

Crosschain is a blockchain bridge linking two or more blockchains, allowing them to communicate with one another. The new “silk road” on this blockchain will enable users to transfer any data between blockchains, independent of their kind and make the most of all blockchains while being safe. Aiming for a potential future, crosschain is a must-have bridge to attract users from many different places and improve scalability.
The crosschain will be soon released in MILLIONSY platforms.
Last modified 5mo ago