Do the numbers have to be In the right order to win?

No. You only need to match at least 3 numbers to win a prize and match all 6 numbers to hit the Jackpot.

What if there are no winners?

When a lottery Jackpot isn't hit by anyone, the PRIZE POOL in the next round will increase. Hence, the fund keeps rising until someone hits the Jackpot.

Can I swap my tickets back to $MILLI?

No, once purchased you will not be able to convert your ticket back to $MILLI.

If I win, do I need to manually claim the PRIZE

The PRIZE is automatically sent to your wallet if you are the winner.

How often is the Lottery?

Each full Lottery session will run for 24 hours.

What transaction fee will I pay for buying tickets?

Every ticket purchase you make will be one transaction. Purchasing a single ticket in a Lottery purchase will cost the normal amount of fees for a transaction (~0,2$ in $SOL).

Why can I only buy 5 tickets?

You can buy more than 5 tickets, but you can only buy up to 5 in each purchase because of Solana's contract. There nothing to stop you buying more tickets after your first 5.

If I manually create two or more tickets with the same numbers and they win, am I eligible for prizes for each ticket?

Yes, each ticket is treated as a separate entry to the Lottery. Keep in mind that the PRIZES will not be 1:1 though, as each winning ticket you have dilutes each share of the bracket's total PRIZE.