How to play

There are 3 simple steps

Step 1: Get the Ticket

A MILLIONSY ticket costs only 2$ and can be bought with the equal amount of $MILLI token. All you need to do is connect your wallet and click to "Buy ticket" and choose the number of tickets you want to buy.

Step 2: Choose 6 numbers

Click to "View/ edit numbers" (or "Buy instantly" for immediate purchase), then click to any ticket you want to change and freely choose 6 different numbers from 1 to 45, the order does not matter. You can choose your numbers by yourself or you can let the machine draw your numbers for you at random by clicking to "Randomize". Then, "Confirm and buy" to purchase the tickets. Make sure your wallet is already funded.

Step 3: Wait for the party

There is 1 draw every day, ends at 11am UTC and starts 35 minutes after that. The prize is automatically sent to the winner's wallet.

Pop the champagne

How Drawing Works?

Players must accurately match all six numbers to HIT THE JACKPOT.
There’s no assurance that every drawing will result in a Jackpot. The PRIZE rolls over to the next drawing if no one correctly chooses all six winning numbers (and again, the order does not matter). The MILLIONSY Lottery offers one Jackpot, which increases every time that no winning Jackpot ticket is sold. When more tickets are purchased, the PRIZE grows until the Jackpot.
There are a total of four ways to win a prize. The holder of a winning ticket can win in only one prize and shall be paid the highest prize won. Match 6 numbers = Jackpot. Or just match at least 3 to win a SHARED PRIZE.
Match 6 numbers = Jackpot. Or just match at least 3 to win a SHARED PRIZE.
  • Match 3 number: Shared Prize Match 3
  • Match 4 number: Shared Prize Match 4
  • Match 5 number: Shared Prize Match 5

Viewing your tickets after buying

You can view your tickets in the "Next party board" after buying at any time you want when you've already connected your wallet to the website. See your history in "Yours" in MILLIONSY AIRBOARD.

PRIZE POOL allocation

The PRIZE for each bracket is different when there is a Jackpot winner or not. So, when someone hits the Jackpot, there are bigger prizes for the brackets. For more details, please visit PRIZE POOL.