The first Lottery platform on Solana.
We all grew up with some form of lottery in our lives. In order to win a prize in any lottery, the player must first draw a set of numbers. However, the traditional lottery faces numerous issues, some of which can be easily solved by blockchain technology.
The fairness of the lottery is one of the fundamental difficulties that blockchain solves. A blockchain-based lottery is transparent in the whole process since all data about participants, draws, and winners is stored on the ledger and publicly verifiable. Furthermore, blockchain lotteries make the draws more democratic, allowing people from all around the world to participate, without borders or local restrictions.

What is the MILLIONSY Lottery V1?

The MILLIONSY Lottery V1 is the first Solana-based lottery platform ever. By transferring the Lottery to the blockchain platform, we want to reach international participants and give them the opportunity to establish the largest PRIZE POOL in history and really win it. More to that, when the cross-chain platform begins, MILLIONSY will allow you to own essential tickets for the specific chain you want.
Since MILLIONSY is built on Solana, we can offer unprecedented speed and extremely low gas fees.
For a Lottery that awards some of the biggest jackpots, the $2 tickets are definitely worth it — even 25x cheaper than the Ethereum fee! Playing MILLIONSY lottery, winners could be rewarded with millionaire-making jackpots at every draw.
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