Should I use 2 wallet addresses to apply for whitelist?

We would not recommend anyone to use 2 wallets to apply for whitelist, but our system still allows 2 wallet under the same IP address to register. If we notice more than two wallet applications under one IP address, we will block them all (blacklist). It means they could never use our MILLIGO again.

Do I have to whitelist for each separate project?

Yes, you have to get whitelisted for each separate project on MILLIGO

When will I know if I have been successfully whitelisted?

On the day we announce the winner list, you can access your MILLIGO account to check if you are the chosen one.

How many people can participate in the whitelisting?

We don’t set a limit for this. Everyone can do.

How many people could win in the Bingo?

Different projects have different numbers and it will be announced before the IGO happened. To assure fairness in the sales round, each winner can only win once.

Do I need to stake MILLI token in order to be able to participate in the IDO?

No, you don’t need to stake your MILLI token. Just complete all the tasks in social pool or buying some NFT Ticket.

Do I need to KYC to join the sales round?

No, you don’t need to submit any KYC to buy token in the sales round.

If I apply my NFT ticket to get more slots in an IGO whitelist lottery, can I still use it in the next IGO to get more slots too?

Yes. Since NFT Ticket is a life-time ticket, it will be valid for a lifetime. You can use it in every IGO and its function still remain.

How to choose the winner?

After sifting through the valid wallets and their slots, we will use The MILLIONSY VRF (which is being used to draw The MILLIONSY Lottery) to select the winners. Each slot will be counted as 1 ticket to be drawn. This means that the more slots you have, the higher the odds of winning you get. Then, the winning slots which have the same wallet address will be cut down assure that every winner can win only once. This process continues until we fulfill the needed quantity of winners.

Should I transfer NFT through wallets to get more slots?

Slots which you got from NFT ticket will be recorded at the time we draw the whitelist lottery. Even if you transfer your NFT to other wallets, it doesn’t mean anything.