How to participate

1. Browse vetted projects on MILLIGO

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Telegram for updates, and visit our website frequently for additional information.

2. Apply for whitelist (3 days)

There are 2 ways to become eligible for whitelisting and you can do both ways for more chances.

Complete tasks in social pool

Complete these easy social tasks to get your 2 slots in the whitelist lottery.

On Telegram:

On Twitter:

  • Follow the project official account
  • Like and retweet
  • Follow MILLIONSY

Buying NFT tickets

If you want to have more chances in winning the whitelist lottery. You can get more slots by buying MILLIONSY NFT Tickets:
  • Match 3 NFT Ticket = 1 more slot in the whitelist lottery
  • Match 4 NFT Ticket = 4 more slots in the whitelist lottery
  • Match 5 NFT Ticket = 10 more slots in the whitelist lottery
  • Match 6 NFT Ticket = 50 more slots in the whitelist lottery

3. Bingo (1 day)

Choosing randomly the winners among participants
Many people want to participate in IGOs, yet there's just not enough opportunity for everyone. Once you've submitted the whitelist application, you'll wait to be the chosen one. The winners will be chosen totally randomly to assure fairness.
If you have gotten more than 1 slot to join the Bingo, you could have more chances to win for sure. But you can only win once. It means that each winner/address has only 1 winning ticket to enter the sales round.

4. Sales Round (3 days)

Only winners can participate in this round.
So now the project's token is ready for purchased. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your wallet so you’re ready to go. If a participant is successfully whitelisted but fails to participate in the sale for one reason or another, their winning slot will be canceled.

5. Distribution (1 day)

Only whitelist winners addresses who purchased tokens in the sales round will receive the token in the next 24 hours after the sales round ends. The tokens will be automatically transferred to wallets.
If you have successfully participated in the IGO, tokens will be transferred and appear in your wallet in soon time.
That's it!