The first Game Launching platform on Solana.
MILLIGO is a crosschain IGO launchpad for gaming, NFT, lottery projects and so much more. The best thing you could agree with us is that our platform does not require staking tokens to get a slot. This is another way to "Buy, be cool and rich" in MILLIONSY ecosystem.
In MILLIGO, crosschain technology is the main key so we will integrate and welcome all projects coming from many different blockchains as long as they are real, possess potential capabilities and vision. n the following phases, what makes MILLIGO different from other IDO platforms is that MILLIGO uses available funds from PRIZE POOL and optimizes it in different ways.
This is a very special feature to optimise PRIZE POOL instead of letting the fund stay in place. Also, MILLIGO is going to associate with the Lottery platform a lot to optimize predefined algorithms.
By this, it is not necessary for users to stake tokens to join the pool.

No staking needed

A particular network's protocol locks up an investor's holdings for months or years. But at MILLIGO, there is no staking needed. You can still receive a bunch of rewards without staking.
To join the whitelist for access to the public sale, you only need to do simple social tasks which are different from each pools. Buy NFT tickets is another good way to join the MILLIGO forever.

User Experience Optimization

MILLIGO provides a smooth and user-friendly launchpad. We’ve taken the industry’s best practices and incorporated them into our decentralized design. It provides a straightforward and quick way of raising funds for the projects.

Strong foundation

Our team will carry out extensive research and due diligence both from the submitted application as well as other sources. To safeguard the community and investors, we will take every measure to guarantee that the project is solid.
With the help of MILLIGO, users can get an edge by accessing the top gaming, NFT, lottery and entertainment projects’ IGO at the very early stage before everyone else and much more.

Have a project you want to launch on MILLIGO?

We not only accept applications for IGOs from Solana-based projects but also projects from other blockchains in the near future. Projects which are related to gaming, NFT, lottery and entertainment are all welcomed on our platform. Please contact us via this form.