1. What is a NFT Ticket?

NFT Ticket is the first defi NFT on blockchain which is used as the lifetime drawing lottery ticket in The MILLIONSY Lottery and also the priority ticket on The MILLIONSY ecosystem.
These tickets are classified into 4 kinds which include 3-match, 4-match, 5-match and 6-match and are only sold in limited quantities and in batches.

2. Introducing

The NFT concept is a perfect fit for the lottery industry. As MILLIONSY have gotten an early indication on this, we are transforming the lottery industry with our NFT products.
The old saying; 'if you're not in, you can't win', is certainly true, as your odds of getting a win are improved by entering more draws. NFT Ticket will improve your chances of winning to the max level. Isn’t it sound interesting? Just hold your NFT ticket and you will get a chance to win the lottery every time your number matches the winning number. Owning NFT Tickets means you are holding the chance to win the lottery at any moment during your life. It also means that you can win again and again with only 1 NFT ticket.

3. How to use NFT Ticket

3.1. Use as a lifetime drawing lottery

In all Lottery rounds, an NFT Ticket will be valid as a lottery ticket. Depending on the type of NFT Ticket you are owning, you will be able to win its highest prize every time your numbers match the winning numbers:
  • 3-match NFT Ticket: Match 3
  • 4-match NFT Ticket: Match 3 & Match 4
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: Match 4, Match 4 & Match 5
  • 6-match NFT Ticket: Match 3, Match 4, Match 5 & Match 6 (Jackpot)
Again, owning NFT Tickets means that you are holding the chance to win the Lottery at any moment during your life.

3.2. Discover more new cool projects on MILLIGO

NFT Ticket is not only a lottery ticket, but also a powerful ticket in the MILLIONSY ecosystem with many special benefits:
  • Getting extra slot on MILLIGO
When you own an NFT Ticket, you will be given extra slots every time you join IGO pools on MILLIGO.
  • 3-match NFT Ticket: Add 1 slot
  • 4-match NFT Ticket: Add 4 slot
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: Add 10 slot
  • 6-match NFT Ticket: Add 50 slot
The more NFT Tickets you own, the more opportunities you have at MILLIGO.
  • Join luxury pools on MILLIGO
Sometimes there will be luxury pools on MILLIGO for NFT Ticket owners. This exclusive pool will help you to win a whitelist spot easier, and give you access to more potential projects.

3.3. Use as a priority ticket

  • Special Airdrop Party for NFT Ticket owners
NFT Ticket owners will be able to participate in exclusive Airdrop Party or have a chance to get PRIZE in some special events.
  • Be the first user of MILLIONSY’s new products
When you own NFT Tickets, you will be privileged to use MILLIONSY's new products first. It will include pre-owned or pre-purchased benefits.
And many other amazing benefits await in the near future.

4. Price of the first sale

  • 3-match NFT Ticket: $50
  • 4-match NFT Ticket: $200
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: $500

5. Transfer NFT Ticket

Please use the NFT transfer feature on our website to send your NFT Ticket to others. If you do it this way, the new owner of the NFT Ticket can literally receive the ticket and instantly take all the benefits from it.
If you transfer the NFT from wallet to wallet (for example, on Phantom, Sollet, Coin98, Slope,...), the new owner could not be recorded on our website. By this, the old owner still receives benefits from the MILLIONSY ecosystem while the new owner does not. If you find yourself in this situation, please fill out this form to get it resolved. This process could take up to 30 days.