SPL Wallet
Before you get started on MILLIONSY or Solana's ecosystem, you'll need a Solana Program Library (SPL) wallet for storing your funds on the Solana blockchain and for interacting with the features on MILLIONSY. Remember that you'll need SOL in your wallet to complete any transactions on Solana. A few recommended wallets are listed below:
Phantom offers a wallet and browser extension with a streamlined, user friendly interface. We highly suggests Phantom for new users and those that want a simple and straightforward wallet experience. is an SPL wallet built by the Serum team, you can directly use this wallet without installing any extension or app.

How to add funds to a wallet

In the Solana ecosystem, different tokens have separate addresses in the same wallet. This is different from the Ethereum network, for example, where different ERC-20 tokens are received by the same address.
Transaction fees on the network are paid in SOL. To add new tokens addresses to your wallet or send funds you’ll need some SOL. To add SOL to your wallet, click on SOL asset to expand the menu and then ‘Receive’. SOL can be bought on exchanges like FTX, Binance, FTX US, and more.
There is 2 kind of addresses, the SOL address and the other SPL token address. The deposit address displayed is the address to which SOL can be sent to your wallet. You can send SOL and SPL tokens to this address although all other tokens (including SPL tokens like SRM) will have different deposit addresses. But the specific SPL address can only received that SPL token.
On Solana, tokens that you wish to trade or hold must be explicitly added to your wallet. Once your wallet is funded with SOL, you can add different tokens by clicking the ‘+’ sign in your account menu. The first time adding new tokens costs a small amount of SOL (~0.2$).
After you’ve found your desired token, click ‘Add’ and the token will appear in the main account of your wallet.
To receive funds of added token addresses, click on the asset you wish to deposit and then ‘Receive’ in your main account.
The deposit address displayed is the address to which your selected asset can be sent to your wallet. Only the selected token type should be sent to this address, other tokens will have different deposit addresses.
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